New IntegriFuse EF Flex Restraints

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IntegriFuse Electrofusion (EF) Flex Restraints are the new market leader in design and function. These rugged fittings are an electrofusion alternative to thrust collars, water stops, and wall anchors on HDPE projects with pipe sizes from 6″ to 63″ in IPS and DIPS.

IntegriFuse EF Flex Restraints are used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to,  blocking pipe movement after slip-lining HDPE, anchoring pipe to a concrete wall prior to or after pouring concrete, restraining the pipe to gasket bell fittings, or even securing a pipe repair using a mechanical coupling.

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Unique Wire Laying Design giving the fitting an axial strength of 11,240 lbs!  Both pin connectors on the same side of fitting.

Plast Flex

Easily Attach to the pipe with a standard 2″ ratchet strap. Grooves keep strap in place. IntegriFuse EF Flex Restraints can be fused with any EF Processor (4.0 tips)

Large Inventory of EF Flex Restraints in stock, ready to ship, and with NO minimum order quantity required.