I Fuse 105 EF Processor

Electrofusion Processor – IntegriFuse I Fuse 105 Specifications

Fusion Capacity
ScannerSupply VoltageOutput VoltageItem Code
1/2” - 54” Electrofusion FittingsBarcode Scanner240 V8 VAC to 48 VACINT-IFuse105-Proc
[alert type=”success”]Fuses All Brands and Sizes of Universally Barcoded Electrofusion Fittings[/alert]

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Scraper Tools Specifications

ModelSizeItem Code
INT-052½” IPS - 2” IPS600616
INT-363” IPS - 6” DIPS600618
INT-8168” IPS - 16” DIPS600619
INT-183218” IPS - 32” IPS600617
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New Orbital Scraper

ModelSizeItem Code
INT-125¾" IPS to 4" DIPS600633
INT-2002.5" IPS to 6" DIPS600634
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New Reround Tool - Threaded

Re-rounding Tools Specifications

SizeTypeItem Code
18" DIPS - 48" IPSFull Clamp Style Rerounding ToolReround-(size)
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Socket Fusion Equipment

Socket Fusion Kit Specifications

SizeSupply VoltageTemp ControlScreen TypeItem Code
½” - 2” IPS110 V / 60 HzAdjustableDigital600613
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Pipe Cutter

Rechargable Pipe Cutter Specifications

Cutting RangeSupply VoltageSpeedBattery TypeItem Code
½" - 1 ¼"9.6V4-5 Seconds per CutRechargable600507

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