HDPE Fittings Specifications

IntegriFuse fittings are manufactured from 0% recycled materials with black high density bimodal polyethylene copolymer designed for use in, but not limited to, potable water, natural gas, industrial, landfill, oil & gas, and mining applications.

All IntegriFuse fittings meet ASTM-D2513 & ASTM-D3261 requirements.

All butt fusion, electrofusion, and transition fittings meet AWWA C-901/C-906, NSF-61, and NSF-372.

IntegriFuse fittings are manufactured with resin having a material designation code of PE 3408, PE3608, PE 4710, and PE 100.

IntegriFuse Electrofusion Fittings meet ASTM F-714 & ASTM F-1055

Order & Price Information

Pricing: Please contact Integrity Fusion Products, Inc, or your local authorized distributor for pricing
inquiries. We welcome all inquiries via telephone, email, or fax.

Phone: 770-632-7530
Fax: 770-632-7540
E-mail: Info@IntegrityFusion.com

Ordering: Minimum Billing: $50.00 (orders less than $50.00 will be subject to a handling charge)

Terms: Net 30 days from date of invoice for established accounts.

Freight Charges: All orders greater than the customer’s freight allowed amount will be shipped freight allowed via standard ground transportation (excluding equipment, backup rings, MJ Adapter kits & non-stock items). Air-freight or expedited shipments will incur appropriate freight charges. For orders less than the customer’s freight allowed amount, freight will be prepaid and added to the invoice unless otherwise specified.

Order Placement: Orders are accepted by our Customer Service department via fax (770-632-7540) or email (Info@IntegrityFusion.com) and require a written purchase order. Integrity Fusion Products, Inc sells only to approved distributors.

Availability of Product: Integrity Fusion Products Inc. has a large inventory of HDPE fittings and
accessories. Items that are in stock are typically shipped within 24 hours. Non-stock or out of stock
items will be processed with an estimated ship date given upon receipt of order.

Cancellations: Cancelation of items that have been ordered may be subject to cancelation charges.
Some non-stock items may not be returnable or cancelable.

Rental Policy: Rental charges begin the date that the unit ships and continues up to, and including, the date returned. Accrued rental costs cannot be applied to the purchase of equipment.

Return Policy

All returns must be approved by Integrity Fusion Products, Inc prior to return.

An approved RGA (Return Goods Authorization) form must be obtained by contacting our Customer Service department. Upon approval, the RGA form, including a list of all items to be returned, conditions concerning restocking fees and/or credit information, and shipping instructions(if applicable) will be issued and sent via email. A copy of the RGA form must accompany the returned shipment for proper credit to be issued.

Critical policies concerning returned materials:

Products stored outside will not be accepted for return. All electrofusion items must be in their original plastic sealed packaging. All materials must be clean, unused, and in salable condition.

Standard Stock Items:

A restocking fee will be charged for the return of standard stock items:

25% restock within 1 – 30 days

35% restock within 31- 180 days

50% restock within 181 – 365 days

Integrity Fusion will not accept returns after 365 days.

Customer will be responsible for freight charges incurred with the return of the materials.

If the original order was shipped Full Freight Allowed (FFA) then those original freight charges will be        deducted from the credited amount on the final credit.

Non-stock or Custom Ordered Items:

Most non-stock or custom ordered items are non-cancelable/non-returnable. Any product that is not a standard stock item is subject to factory acceptance for return approval.

Freight instructions will be issued for these items on the approved RGA form obtained by our Customer Service department.

Limited Warranty

Integrity Fusion Products, Inc. warrants its materials to be free of defects in workmanship under normal use and service, when used for the purposes under the conditions for which they are intended for a period of  one (1) year excluding the golf and irrigation markets.

This warranty shall not apply to any Integrity Fusion Products, Inc. material that has been altered, repaired and/or used in any way, stored outside, or has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident and/or has not been installed in accordance with installation instructions.

This warranty does not cover labor or other costs of installing or repairing the products.  Buyer’s sole remedy for defective product shall be to receive replacement product as provided in this Limited Warranty.  Seller’s liability arising out of or related to the product supplied by Integrity Fusion Products shall in no event exceed the original price of the defective product. Seller will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, indirect or punitive damages, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity or other loss even if seller knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages or losses.  Buyer shall assume all responsibility and expenses for removal, reinstallation and freight charges in connection with the foregoing remedy.

Integrity Fusion Products, Inc. shall not be held liable for any delays caused by shipping any material or equipment by third party shipping companies. Integrity Fusion Products, Inc. shall not be responsible for any delays caused by shipping errors of material and/or equipment.

Any claim regarding shortage or damages from shipment of material must be submitted in writing to Integrity Fusion Products, Inc within 7 days after receipt of shipment. Buyer shall note loss or damage on shipment Bill of Lading and provide a delivery receipt stating such with driver’s signature. Loss or damages to materials in transit is the responsibility of the carrier

The buyer must comply with the standard warranty investigation procedures for Integrity Fusion Products which includes providing sample of the product in question and completing Integrity Fusion Products Investigation Report Form.  Failure to provide needed and required information and samples for investigation purposes will result in the limited warranty being null and void.     

General Electrofusion Requirements

Installation of electrofusion fittings requiring 42V-48V must be carried out using an IntegriFuse or I Fuse 105 Electrofusion processor. For   IntegriFuse Electrofusion fittings requiring amperage of over 80 amps, the IntegriFuse I Fuse 105 Electrofusion Processor is required.

The I Fuse 105 Electrofusion processor is an 8-48-volt output multi-voltage fusion processor with temperature compensating feature operating at 220/230 VAC requiring power supplied through a portable power generator rated at the necessary continuous watts.

If pipe is out of round the use of a Re-Round Clamp is required to ensure proper installation.

Improper scraping, cleaning, and alignment of pipe during the installation procedures results in limited warranty being null and void.

Electrofusion Installation instructions must be adhered to or our Limited Warranty is null and void. Installation of electrofusion fittings must be carried out by properly trained and qualified operator(s).  Large diameter fittings require certification by Integrity Fusion Products, Inc.

Integrifuse Valve

The Limited Warranty shall apply only to operation which falls under the guidelines of conditions in which the valve was designed for and for applications of normal use.  The limited liability will be null and void in the case that the valve failure was caused by excessive operating or surge pressure,  introduction of any chemicals or acids that cause degradation to the seats or stem, excessive water hammer, introduction of abrasives such as sand and or grit, butt fusion of hdpe pipe material with SDR differences greater than 2 (SDR 11 to SDR 17 is not permitted), hot soil conditions, excessive temperature.

Integrifuse Butt Fusion Fittings

The Limited Warranty shall apply only to operation which falls under the guidelines of conditions in which the butt fusion fitting was designed for and for applications of normal use.  The limited liability will be null and void in the case that the fitting failure was caused by excessive operating or surge pressure,  excessive water hammer, introduction of abrasives such as sand and or grit that have cause abrasion of the fitting, butt fusion of hdpe pipe material with SDR differences greater than 2 (SDR 11 to SDR 17 is not permitted).  This warranty does not cover failure resulting from improper fusion by the installer.

Purchaser is responsible for passing on this Limited Warranty to their customer.