At Integrity Fusion Products, we have a longstanding commitment to excellence in the field of HDPE manufacturing. However, we also realize that supplying quality fittings means little if the individuals installing them are not properly trained.

For years, we have provided “in person” manufacturer’s electrofusion training and qualification, and we will continue to offer these important training options to all of our valued customers. But now, for the first time, we are pleased to offer our customers the same comprehensive electrofusion training experience in a convenient online platform we call Integrity Fusion Academy.

Our new on-line Level 1 program will focus on the proper equipment and installation practices for couplers 12″ and smaller, branch saddles, and flex restraints. This on-line course consists of a selective series of self guided coursework and videos that will allow the student to master the content at their own pace, with quizzes at the end of each lesson designed to ensure maximum retention of course material. Finally, mandatory homework assignments provide an opportunity to put this knowledge to the test by means of an installation demo for couplers and branch saddles, which the student will then photographically document and submit for evaluation.

As excited as we are about our Level 1 course, this is only the beginning. For advanced installers, Level 2 electrofusion training is just around the corner, and many training topics geared towards non-installers will soon become available as well. So stay tuned!

Whether new to the electrofusion installation industry, or an experienced installer seeking recertification, consider enrolling in Integrity Fusion Academy. Click on the provided link and explore the variety of our electrofusion training options available to you.

Integrity Fusion Academy, your online electrofusion training resource.

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